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I am a Soviet Russian Jewish American woman. I am a Catholic Christian in discernment of religious life. I am music, theology, interreligious dialogue, science fiction, and fiery dance. I am a writer, a teacher, a logician, an arguer, and a contemplative. I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a friend. Let's start with that; the rest is in my writing.

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On being a neighbor

Today’s Gospel is the parable of the Good Samaritan. Everybody knows it, and if you’re a Christian and happened to go to church today, you most likely also heard a sermon on the subject. And chances are, that sermon included some sort of reference—direct or obscure, scholarly or passionate, reflection on conciliation or call to …

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On telling me how you feel

Hello, my friends. I’ve been absent, and I’m back. I don’t know how often I’ll appear, but I will do my best. I’ve been through the most hellish years of my life, the last few years (not that they are over), and I’ve learned a few lessons. In no particular order, here’s my lesson one: …

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On four years of Christian hope.

After 18 months of the most divisive presidential campaign in recent history, it’s been 18 days since the most bizarre election—possibly, in all of American history—upended our reality and shattered our country’s social landscape. No matter whose supporters, it’s all anybody still talks about. Some are triumphant, others terrified, but everyone is stunned, and everyone’s …

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On feeling the truth.

A couple of weeks ago I read an article that, should I have taken it literally and all the way, would have pushed me into a depression. The article was political in nature but addressed a larger concern of our mental and cultural state—certainly in this country, maybe in the world. The author attempted to …

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On life as a dream.

Robert Snow was the captain of homicide at the Indianapolis police department. He was a sharp, intelligent, respected—and respectable—man, skeptical both by nature and by professional habit. He didn’t know this was all beginning to change for him when one day at a party, a colleague struck up a conversation about past lives. She had …

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On what I think of the Wool Rule.

How to be good to people has been on my mind for a long time, but especially lately. I’ve engaged in a political debate about treating illegal immigrants and atheists with respect. I had to write for a scholarly journal a review of a book I found lacking in merit, and I was torn between …

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On good and good enough.

I had to get a new car. I loved my old car. She was a Toyota Echo, and I’d had her since she was born in 2000. She was perfect, as though made for me—cheap and basic, reliable, little and economical, built for a short person, with a soft comfy seat and lots of storage …

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On this American life.

It has been months since I posted any thoughts on this site—months since I’ve written anything. Much has happened in the past couple of years that kept me away, and I will tell you in a few minutes, but let me start with something else. Last Saturday, on NPR’s “This American Life,” David Rakoff described …

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On chain mail and other things.

In the ancient times, in a kingdom definitely somewhere else, there lived a great and famous tailor smith, known for his skill to all in the land. One day, the local king called the tailor to him and said, “Tailor smith, I hear that you surpass all others in your craft. Will you make me …

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On humility, again.

I return to this subject years after I wrote about it, briefly, as a “thought of the day” on June 11, 2012. (You can find the passage now on the “Older Thoughts of the Day” page.) I return to it because I had thought of it on and off for years, and never stopped after …

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