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PLEASE VISIT MY NEW AUTHOR’S WEBSITE: http://riveradamsauthor.weebly.com 

My author’s website will supersede this site by summer. It offers links to my work available for purchase and to read online, my bio and bibliography, and more.

Below are the links to the websites where you can find and/or purchase my writing. 

River Adams’ author page:

THERE MUST BE YOU book cover frontHere, on my Amazon.com author page, you will find my brief biography, recent blog posts and tweets, and, of course, the books available on Amazon which I have written or contributed to.

There Must Be YOU: Leonard Swidler’s journey to faith and dialogue is now available on Amazon in paperback and as a Kindle e-book. Please, read. I look forward to your reviews.

There Must Be YOU is the story of Len Swidler’s search for faith, his becoming of a teacher and thinker and the luminary of interreligious dialogue we now know, his triumphs, losses, and encounters. It is also an over-the-shoulder look at the cultural history of the 20th century, the world that made Len who he is, as well as most of us — the history of its wars, its church, its struggle for equality, fraternity, and mutuality. And finally, in my interviews with Len and in my own words, this is a meditation, or rather a series of meditations, on a number of topics, meandering at times and yet intimately connected to one axial question: Between faith and reason, war, religion, prejudice, and beauty, incompleteness of all knowledge and indefatigability of love, what is it that makes for the meaning of life?

Wipf and Stock Publishers Website

You may also buy There Must Be YOU here, on the website of Wipf and Stock Publishers. It is available as paperback and ePub e-book, and you may request an exam or review copy here.

Read a review of There Must Be YOU!

A very positive review of There Must Be YOU has been published in the Fall 2015 issue of The Journal of Ecumenical Studies. Read it here and whether or not you have yet read the book.



“A Plate for Elijah” in Rathalla Review Fall 2013: click here for the website


“The Thorny Path: A Russian in America, a Catholic Jew” in Commonweal, 2/22/2013: click here for preview of the essay

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