On the Meaning of Life Personified.

What is Divinity? What is God?

God is the meaning of life.

Who is Christ?

Christ is the meaning of life personified.

What do we mean when we say we are searching for the meaning of life? We search for the reason for all things and for the purpose of all that happens. For that which makes life worth living and worth losing. For that against which we singularly measure ourselves and our legacy. Our meaning is the force that drags us out of bed in the morning, the answer to the questions that keep us up at night. Our meaning is what keeps us alive when death seems too tempting and life too difficult to go on. Our meaning is our place in the grand scheme of things so absolutely secure that no disaster, not even death can alter it. Our meaning is our relevance to that grand scheme of things. Our absolute necessity to something so important that it makes reality worthwhile.

Some have discovered the meaning of life. And called it “God.”

This is where one might say that religion is a matter only of terminology, and to some degree it really is. I find much identity between concepts and pursuits, beliefs and practices that simply go by different names in different traditions, in religious and in secular lives. Yet we mean the same things because we look for the same things: we are humans on a quest for the meaning of life.

Some have discovered the meaning of life and called it “God.” Or “divinity.” Others called it something else.

But there is more than terminology in play. Sometimes we come to a difference in perception. A difference in experience. A difference in interpretation. A different path to the summit. Here is one: I am a Christian, and it’s not an administrative distinction. I am a Christian because my relevance to the grand scheme, my answers are singularly focused through the one prism: the Christ. The Meaning of Life Personified. He is my reason and purpose. He makes all things worthwhile, come life or death. With Him, it all makes sense even unto the scale I cannot now fathom. Without Him, nothing does.

So, then, did I personify the meaning of life? Perhaps, because I am a personal being and have an innate need to relate? Is personifying divinity how I choose to relate to it? This is a popular enough argument about the origin of religions, and indeed in various ways we add many specifically anthropomorphic qualities to the reality we perceive. And yet… it’s not that simple. Because Reality IS profoundly personal. The Meaning of Life is personal because Life is profoundly personal! Personhood in its evolving complexity that stretches beyond the temporal universe is the pursuit and end goal of life itself. All life as we know it develops from less to more PERSONAL, and the life we are still to discover will only expand our definition of personhood, for it too is evolving as we evolve. What is personhood, anyway? Awareness, intelligence, relatability, adaptability? Dignity, independence, interdependence? Ability to love, to feel compassion, to feel fear, to feel emotion? Ability to die? Ability to endure beyond death?

Is Reality, the Meaning of Life itself, personal? Is the Christ that Meaning personified?

I’ve been told I did this to myself: invented it, imagined it, “discovered” it in the impersonal absolute that is the universe. But who is to say He did not discover me? Imagine me? Touch me? Talk to me? In this reality so teeming with life, with movement, interpenetrating and swirling in countless dimensions, why is it hard for us to accept that when we are searching for Meaning, Meaning may be searching for us?

Reality is not some impersonal absolute. I call it God. Call it what you wish. Our universe issues from, flows with, and comes to That Which Is, and It is not a thing. What Meaning of Life reaches into me, ties me to, and accepts me into All That Is, the Person that It Is, is Christ. Call him what you wish, but when you do, remember: My Christ is not a thing. He is the Meaning of Life Personified.


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