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River Adams’ Writing Cave

QuillRiver Adams is my pen name. She is the writer that I am, the creator of my worlds and of the persons who populate them. This is my chosen name and therefore meaningful in ways that a given name cannot be.

As River Adams, I write short stories and novelettes, poetry, and creative non-fiction. I rediscover and re-imagine biblical narratives through the eyes of Noah, Delilah, or Mary Magdalene. I become victim or perpetrator in the violent struggles of today’s world: in Kosovo, in Liberia, in America, in Russia, in Chechnya. I ponder the heavens and the passage of time. I think and feel in black symbols on white spaces, shaping them into traces of doubt, vengeance, forgiveness, pain, faith, or relief. But whatever the story, it’s always about love.

I write about love. This is my craft, my desire, and my vocation.

My current project is:

The Way to Jerusalem (tentative title): A collection of biblical stories made real, flesh-on-the-bone, as I crawl under the skin of one of the Bible’s characters in each story.

Come wander about the Cave of Poems and the Cave of Stories for a bit of reading, love that has poured from the quill of River Adams.


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Cave of Poems

after theophany angular awful awkwardness foldedness of the twisted elbows a praying prey of the praying mantis a botched hieroglyph on a torn canvas a charred bush on Mount Sinai— unwanted by God and eternal fire unused undone unfinished RE-GIFTER   Palms Of expectant hands tremble in tension, hang before me In vain. Eyelashes curve …

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Cave of Stories

Here is some sample work by River Adams (click titles to open files): A Plate for Elijah: The myth of the prophet Elijah and the Passover Haggadah come together in a story of a modern Jewish girl on the worst day of her life. What does it mean to wait for the herald of salvation — …

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