River Adams’ Writing Cave

QuillRiver Adams is my pen name. They are the writer that I am, the creator of my worlds and of the persons who populate them. This is my chosen name and therefore meaningful in ways that a given name cannot be.

As River Adams, I write short stories and novelettes, poetry, and creative non-fiction. I rediscover and re-imagine biblical narratives through the eyes of Noah, Delilah, or Mary Magdalene. I become victim or perpetrator in the violent struggles of today’s world: in Kosovo, in Liberia, in America, in Russia, in Chechnya. I ponder the heavens and the passage of time. I think and feel in black symbols on white spaces, shaping them into traces of doubt, vengeance, forgiveness, pain, faith, or relief. But whatever the story, it’s always about love.

I write about love. This is my craft, my desire, and my vocation.

My current project is:

THE LIGHT OF SEVEN DAYS: a novel with autobiographical features. Dinah Ash is a Jewish Soviet ballerina in the midst of a turbulent era, as USSR is falling apart, who finds herself a refugee in America. It’s about loss and survival and love, but very much it’s about identity–any kind really, but in Dinah’s case, ultimately, Jewish. What does it mean? What does it do? How to find it? And is it worth it? Visit http://riveradamsauthor.weebly.com to read the first chapter of the novel.

Come wander about the Cave of Poems and the Cave of Stories for a bit of reading, love that has poured from the quill of River Adams.

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Cave of Poems

after theophany angular awful awkwardness foldedness of the twisted elbows a praying prey of the praying mantis a botched hieroglyph on a torn canvas a charred bush on Mount Sinai— unwanted by God and eternal fire unused undone unfinished RE-GIFTER   Palms Of expectant hands tremble in tension, hang before me In vain. Eyelashes curve …

Cave of Stories

PLEASE VISIT MY NEW AUTHOR’S WEBSITE FOR MORE LINKS TO MY WORK AVAILABLE ONLINE: http://riveradamsauthor.weebly.com Here is some sample work by River Adams (click titles to open files): “Antipode” (in The Common): When war rips away everything a child knows and loves, is there a hope of healing for her? What is time in the mind …

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