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Here is some sample work by River Adams (click titles to open files):

Yosemite, CA

“Antipode” (in The Common): When war rips away everything a child knows and loves, is there a hope of healing for her? What is time in the mind shattered by trauma? What is love in the heart broken by loss?

“A Plate for Elijah” (in The Rathalla Review): The myth of the prophet Elijah and the Passover Haggadah come together in a story of a modern Jewish girl on the worst day of her life. What does it mean to wait for the herald of salvation — but really, really wait? And why do some of us wait more than others, open our doors and look for Elijah in the dark of night?

“I Dream of Red” (in Luna Luna): WCC Writers Workshop Horror Contest winner, this is a flash story of a dream, from which a Soviet expatriate can never wake up.

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