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Here is some sample work by River Adams (click titles to open files):

Yosemite, CA

A Plate for Elijah: The myth of the prophet Elijah and the Passover Haggadah come together in a story of a modern Jewish girl on the worst day of her life. What does it mean to wait for the herald of salvation — but really, really wait? And why do some of us wait more than others, open our doors and look for Elijah in the dark of night?

Paradise Had: A light and tongue-in-cheek interpretation of Genesis 3 from Eve’s point of view. A reflection on the meaning of the fruit of knowledge and on the nature of the serpent.

Emmama, Esa: A child soldier. A conversation about violence and the success or failure of the saving power of love in the context of the Liberian civil war.

The Long Midnight: Backdrops: hostages in Chechnya in the late 1990’s and New York in our time. Questions: What is evil? What is perfect love?

Of Light and Weightlessness is a lyrical interlude. A reflection on memory, the past, love and loved ones, and our journey with them and away from them.

A Voice in the Room: A day in the life of a medical interpreter, based on a true story from my professional experience.


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