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On soil and thistle.

The author of the epistle to the Hebrews was possibly but not probably St. Paul. It was probably but not definitely one of Paul’s friends and disciples in Italy – perhaps, Priscilla or Barnabas or Apollos or even Timothy himself – but, in any case, though the name of the author is most likely lost, …

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On forgiveness.

This is not my usual kind of essay. It may not be an essay at all, and it’s not even nice. I am writing this because I can’t be the only one who goes through this particular challenge—it must be ubiquitous enough—and I hope (I hope!) that maybe my rather improvisory train of thought could …

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On five seconds of penitence.

Not very long ago — or, if you wish, a long, long time ago — when I was still new to the weekly Mass and only beginning my journey through the RCIA program (the almost-year-long walk to the baptismal font and my first Eucharist), I spent a few months struggling with a particular part of the …

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On forgiving God.

I’ve been told I forgive God too much. Have I forgiven God? I have. Was it too much? No. I spent most of my life carrying an unbearably heavy burden of blaming God for this world’s pain, and on the day they call “conversion,” when my heart quieted and allowed itself finally to feel His …

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