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On mountain ash and other miracles.

My heart goes pitter-patter when the shuttle leaves Minneapolis and I catch the first glimpses of Minnesota birches. Then one after another birch groves begin to pass by and patches of tall, straight pines crowned at the top. Mixed foliage of maples, aspen, and ash, linden trees… This is the North, and I recognize the …

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On home-ful-ness in Boston.

This essay was written for and is available on the OPPeace website (www.oppeace.org) — the cyber home of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Sr. Blaise is threading our car through the narrow streets of Mission Hill like an embroidery needle through canvas, and inside the car her story weaves just as smoothly. Sr. Pat is …

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On itinerancy and my way home.

From time to time, when I drive, I get suddenly overcome by a feeling of oddity, of an overwhelming realization that the sky I am seeing is on the other side of the world. It used to be a constant impression of a dream from which I was about to wake up, and it is only very …

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