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On words and waiting.

Later this week, I am embarking on a special leg of my discernment’s journey: I will spend three months at a Benedictine monastery in northern Minnesota, live its life and breathe its air. My regular readers have already seen images of it when I spent two weeks there last autumn (see “On mountain ash and …

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On the baffling being of words.

My American interlocutors on occasion find little quirks in my speech, and some of those have to do with seemingly random relationships, concepts of a Russian-speaking mentality that my mind, for some reason, has refused to let go. Mostly, they are funny. I do not know why I’ve transitioned in my thought patterns in a …

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On God, us, and personal pronouns

The natural flow of most of our languages—in this case, English—demands that a noun be assigned an appropriate pronoun. But here lies the problem. No noun, no subject is more impossible to define yet more demanding of precision than God. What do we call God?

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