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On torture.

Torture has been in the news again. On Tuesday, the Senate committee released its report on the CIA’s use of torture, and mass media has been abuzz with its findings ever since. After September 11, this is a recurring topic for us, and it is not just news, or some discussion or even a debate. …

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On itinerancy and my way home.

From time to time, when I drive, I get suddenly overcome by a feeling of oddity, of an overwhelming realization that the sky I am seeing is on the other side of the world. It used to be a constant impression of a dream from which I was about to wake up, and it is only very …

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On very small burdens.

I am going to tell you a story that happened to me two years ago, in Austria – not much of anything, just something I was thinking of today. A few of my readers might even recognize the context. I really do recall it as I will say, and yet it’s a parable. Because I …

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