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On desecrating church.

Last week, I was part of an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service. I am a choir director at a Catholic parish, which is a member of a local interfaith association, and this service is something we do every year around Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful thing: churches of many denominations came together—Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Nazarene, and more—and …

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On pretty pictures and dialogue.

Main Street Café is where I come to write. Here in Massachusetts, I live in the attic of  a house with nine people, and from the boiling life of a large family I withdraw with my laptop and some books to my favorite table by the counter, my bottomless mug of coffee, and a casual …

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On naval engagements…

Some of you know that I am writing a book about Leonard Swidler. For the past year, it has been my occupation, my full-time job, my education through research, my hope and frustration, and a deepening of a rare, complex, and amazing friendship. For those of you who might be new to this field, Leonard …

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On otherness and sameness, and the degrees of dialogue.

This was another one of those thoughts that are too obvious, too simple to be formulated without prompting. It was born of a conversation with my best friend about how, even though we are so different, we love each other nonetheless. And as we talked, my friend seemed to suggest that some people are able …

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On taking them seriously.

It so happened that I live much of my time at intersections of theistic faiths—but especially in that mine field that is the space between people of religion and people without one. My regular readers know that I grew up atheist, in an atheist state, in a secular Jewish family, that I spent my professional …

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