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On why the Dominicans.

There are hundreds of religious congregations with presence in the United States. How, in my discernment, with all this choice available, through a series of decisions, over the course of all this time, have I come to believe that I belong to the legacy of St. Dominic that started in the 13th century, in a …

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On itinerancy and my way home.

From time to time, when I drive, I get suddenly overcome by a feeling of oddity, of an overwhelming realization that the sky I am seeing is on the other side of the world. It used to be a constant impression of a dream from which I was about to wake up, and it is only very …

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On the Will of God.

I believe in free will. I just don’t believe in lone will. Lonely free will making its way through a mess of heartless and random circumstances – that’s how the world looks to the proponent of absolute free will. At the extreme of free will is Sartrean existentialism, and its epitome is freedom so radical and …

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