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On taking up my cross.

For a reflection dedicated entirely to the Eucharist, see the essay entitled “On the Bread of Life.” Today is the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, so I thought I’d be writing about the Eucharist, my most precious mystery. Or about the Last Supper, the story we tell of the historical source of …

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On our quests.

There is an adorable little scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, in which King Arthur and his men are challenged before crossing a bridge, on their quest for the Grail, by the bridge-keeper to answer questions. My best friend and I love this scene and often repeat the dialogue to each other in silly …

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On the Will of God.

I believe in free will. I just don’t believe in lone will. Lonely free will making its way through a mess of heartless and random circumstances – that’s how the world looks to the proponent of absolute free will. At the extreme of free will is Sartrean existentialism, and its epitome is freedom so radical and …

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On Sabbath and sacred time

Though modern Judaism rarely will use this rhetoric, I feel that Sabbath is a weekly preview of the Kingdom of God.

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