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On serpent and the cross. Part II.

Continued from “On serpent and the cross. Part I.” You must admit, one can hardly keep from eisegesis when one is a Christian holding Numbers 21. “Eisegesis” is reading meaning into the text rather than out of it. The authors of the bronze serpent story didn’t have the Christ in mind, but we discern the …

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On serpent and the cross. Part I.

It’s been a while since I’ve engaged in pure, unadulterated biblical commentary, but it is time. So much of life’s chaos and din has been converging on me without pause for so many weeks that I must put it all away—for today—and open the Bible and immerse myself completely in the questions that seem to …

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On forgiveness.

This is not my usual kind of essay. It may not be an essay at all, and it’s not even nice. I am writing this because I can’t be the only one who goes through this particular challenge—it must be ubiquitous enough—and I hope (I hope!) that maybe my rather improvisory train of thought could …

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On watchful waiting, or Last Day versus the World.

The first generation of Christians expected the Son of Man to come back in their lifetimes, literally any day. They were an apocalyptic Jewish sect, whose Messiah had come and saved and risen in triumph over death—and promised to come back soon to finish the job. And for Jewish apocalyptics, finishing the job meant ending …

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On Satan and what makes a Christian. Part 1.

We never know when we might engage in debates on religion. On theology, cosmology, faith… My most recent one occurred on Thanksgiving, in the company of family and friends, who happened to be a diverse bunch of atheists, agnostics, a Russian Orthodox Christian, and yours truly Catholic Christian. Our conversation, attended by all and with …

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On five seconds of penitence.

Not very long ago — or, if you wish, a long, long time ago — when I was still new to the weekly Mass and only beginning my journey through the RCIA program (the almost-year-long walk to the baptismal font and my first Eucharist), I spent a few months struggling with a particular part of the …

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