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On why bad things don’t happen to all good people.

I have a dear friend who recently shared with me a worry that her life has been too smooth, too free of pain and strife. She is a wonderful person—kind, deeply caring, with a heart so large that she feels the pain of others as her own. She’s had a long and profoundly good life …

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On watchful waiting, or Last Day versus the World.

The first generation of Christians expected the Son of Man to come back in their lifetimes, literally any day. They were an apocalyptic Jewish sect, whose Messiah had come and saved and risen in triumph over death—and promised to come back soon to finish the job. And for Jewish apocalyptics, finishing the job meant ending …

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On gratitude in safety, or “There but for the Grace of God!”

I snapped at my best friend three days ago. I came pretty close to yelling at him and essentially accused him of being selfish, unfeeling, and disconnected from fellow creatures – unfairly, mind you. My best friend is none of those things. In fact, he is one of the nicest, kindest people I know and …

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On presumption against suffering.

We seem to assume that joy should be and that suffering should not, and so we search for consolation. This “presumption against suffering” appears universally human, and it is, I suppose, natural and logical. Physiologically speaking, pain signals disorder—it is a warning of trouble and demands action to be eliminated to bring the body back …

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